#2: Select Your Property Type

Please select the property type you wish to cover to get started.

#3: Choose a plan

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All paid plans include:

Trusted, in-house technicians
Local, Phoenix-based customer support
Two free HVAC checkups
Discounts on non-warranty repairs
No price hike at renewal
#4: Customize With Additional Coverage
Individual Add-Ons

Want more protection? Add on any extra coverage you need.

  • Washer and dryer - already included w/Premium and Ultimate
    ${{ multipier*75 }}
  • Refrigerator and ice maker - already included w/Premium and Ultimate
    ${{ multipier*40 }}
  • Built-in pool and spa - already included w/Ultimate
    ${{ multipier*150 }}
  • Saltwater pool system - must also purchase pool and spa
    ${{ multipier*150 }}
  • Additional pool pump or water feature
    ${{ multipier*50 }}
  • Additional refrigerator / freezer
    ${{ multipier*40 }}
  • Built-in refrigerator / sealed system
    ${{ multipier*80 }}
  • Drip and sprinkler system
    ${{ multipier*50 }}
  • Septic coverage
    ${{ multipier*50 }}
  • Evaporative cooler
    ${{ multipier*50 }}
  • Additional water heater
    ${{ multipier*50 }}
  • Upgrade to 75 gal. water heater
    ${{ multipier*50 }}
  • Soft water system
    ${{ multipier*75 }}
  • Additional dishwasher
    ${{ multipier*40 }}
  • Additional garage door opener
    ${{ multipier*40 }}
  • Luxury appliance package
    ${{ multipier*150 }}

    Please call for verification of coverage on upgraded luxury appliances or commercial-grade appliances. $2500 maximum coverage per contract for diagnosis, access, repair or replacement of all appliances covered under luxury appliance package.

  • Platinum Plus Package
    ${{ multipier*125 }}

    Looking for all the bells and whistles? Add our Platinum Plus Package. Coverage Includes:

    Crane fees - Up to $250.

    Haul away - $100 per occurrence (500 max per plan) for the haulaway of covered appliances, water heater or HVAC system components when we are replacing that appliance, system or component.

    Code violation - $250 maximum per plan to correct code violations on covered systems and appliances.

    Water heater recirculating pumps.

    Disposal and recovery fees - Refrigerant recapture, reclaim and disposal when required for diagnosis, repair or replacement of HVAC systems and refrigerators.

    Garage door hinges, springs and remote transmitters.

    Permit - Up to $250 reimbursement after homeowner has obtained permit for covered system or appliance under contract plan.

    Improper installations and mismatched units - Assuming the unit is not undersized for the home, we will repair or replace as necessary.

Plan Subtotal $ {{ planPrice }}
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